Bark n’ Roll Canine Care

Our Mission

Committed to providing exceptional care.

Bark n’ Roll is more than a canine care service. More than a daycare. More than a training center. We are an opportunity for your dog to be his or her best self; mind, body and soul. Our mission at Bark n’ Roll is to bridge the connection between human and dog and honor the unique experience of the individual through the power of choice. Through a positive, reward-based training philosophy, species and breed-specific enrichment opportunities, and free-spirited social interactions based on solidly built relationships, your dog is able to harness his or her true potential while learning to co-exist harmoniously.

Peace, Love, Bark n’ Roll

Give your dog the Bark n' Roll rock star Treatment!

Bark n’ Roll specializes in providing in-home and on-site canine care services that cater to the individual needs of our clients and their four-legged family members. We believe, through positive training and learning to communicate with your dog, you can build a lifelong bond. Our commitment to strengthening and expanding the relationship between dog parent and dog lends itself to our greater mission: ensuring that every dog has a loving home and most importantly the RIGHT home for life.

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Lights, Camera, See Us in Action! Video courtesy of Dography of LA.

Committed to Our Community!

Our clients and neighbors rock. So while you support us with your business, we love to send support right back at ya!  We have participated in and sponsored many recent local events including North Reading Town Day, Reading Street Faire, Burbank YMCA Puppy Swim, and the Summer Barbecue at Ipswich River Park. Stop by and visit us the next time you see our Tour Van at an event! We were also grateful to be able to send aid to those humans and animals that were affected by the recent hurricanes. Thanks to our loyal clientele for supporting us so we can support others.

We Take Care of Our Heroes!

Check out our Vets ROCK! program if you are active military or a veteran of our armed forces. We offer Veteran Discounts as a thank you for your selfless sacrifice of service. Contact us to see how we can help with your canine care and companionship needs.

special discount given to our veterans


Check out our available dogs, foster and volunteer opportunities and how your donations can help us in our mission to rescue ALL THE DOGS by visiting our non-profit 501 (c) (3) dog rescue BnR’s Rock n’ Rescue’s site at

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