Members of The Band

Walker/Sitter Anya Sereno grew up in Stoneham and has gained the title of “Animal Whisperer” from her family and friends. Though cats will always be her first love (seriously — her first word was ‘kitty’!), she thoroughly enjoys caring for all types of animals. She’s had a passion for wildlife ever since she was young, one that resonates with her to this day; whether it’s befriending the murder of crows that hang out in her backyard (and naming the neighborhood hawk “Dwayne ‘The Hawk’ Johnson”) or rescuing the baby squirrel that had fallen out of its nest, she’s felt a call to help animals that she just can’t ignore. Currently sharing her house with 5 beautiful cats and 2 wonderful dogs, she’s no stranger to the hard work that comes with being a pet owner. She’s excited to be working with the BnR crew and she can’t wait to make so many new furry friends!

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Anya was adopted from Russia when she was 10 months old and took it as a language class while in middle school. She can still read it and speak some of it, too!*