Members of The Band

Daycare Attendant & Training Assistant Briana Brancato grew up with dogs her whole life. As a young girl, she knew that her future would consist of working with animals. After finishing college and receiving her degree in animal science, she decided to begin working professionally with them. She also rescued a pup from BnR’s Rock n’ Rescue (Buck) and he is THRIVING at home with his big brother (Renzo) her first rescue! Having Renzo be her pride and joy for nearly 4 years, Bri knew bringing a new pup into the house wouldn’t be an easy task. Day in and day out, working with her two boys on training, they are totally inseparable and are the two biggest love bugs in the entire world. They love to go on walks, work for some yummy treats and snuggle! She is totally excited to be apart of the Bark n’ Roll team and is super excited to come to work everyday to see what she loves to her call her “work babies”.

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Briana LOVES cows!!  **