Members of The Band

Daycare and Boarding Attendant Delaya Lopez Reyna is a student from Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical High School in the Companion Animal Program. She was able to learn the basics of training and grooming for many different breeds of dogs and is deepening her education on training since working in Bark n’ Roll! Fascinated by dogs from an early age, her lifelong ambition materialized when her family welcomed an adorable beagle into their home. Encouraged by this, Delaya successfully advocated for a second furry addition, a delightful labrador hound mix who has completed the family! Bark n’ Roll has helped  her continue this ambition by giving her an opportunity to work hands on with the remarkable array of canine companions.

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Delaya first went to Essex Tech for the Veterinary program but fell more for the idea of training dogs when finding out about the Companion Animal program.**