Members of The Band

Walker/Sitter/Certified Training Assistant Juliana Papalegis, ABCDT, grew up in Stoneham, and has always loved animals more than anything. She can’t remember a time growing up when she didn’t have at least one pet. She currently has multiple lizards, tarantulas, a fish, a bird, and a dog named Violet, who is a BnR’s Rock n’ Rescue Sato from Puerto Rico! It has always been a dream of hers to have a career, where she gets to spend her days caring for animals (especially dogs), and is thrilled to be a member of the Bark n’ Roll team. She also enjoys taking her dog on trips to the beach and for walks in the woods and playing video games while her bearded dragon sits on her shoulder.

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Juliana has a YouTube channel and makes videos as a hobby. She likes making videos about pet care, movies, and anything else that interests her.**