Members of The Band

Administrative Assistant Lauryn Beauregard  grew up just north of the border in Pelham, NH. Her love for all animals started with her first best friends Yeti, a white german shepherd, and three cats, Tequila, Simon and Lincoln.  Her childhood best furry friend, a black puggle named Zoie who became deaf and blind before passing at the age of 13, excelled Lauryn’s love for and desire to work with animals.  After graduating from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in Business Administration, Lauryn became a Dog Groomer at PetCo, grooming various dog sizes and breeds everyday. She now lives in Derry, NH with her boyfriend Jacob, best friend Brandon and 3 cats, Hamburglar aka Hammie, Raw, and Simba, with the hopes of adopting as many dogs as possible as soon as possible. Lauryn is excited and honored to be joining such a fantastic team and the opportunity to care for your best furry friend(s).

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Lauryn has raised 5 litters of kittens from birth and has cared long-time for a total of 14 cats (including current) over her 24 years.**