Members of The Band

Walker/Sitter Marie Birdsall-Chaffee was born and raised on a farm in New York state, where her parents not only raised dogs and cats, but also sheep and ducks, building a life-long love of all animals.  After college, Marie worked in book publishing in New York City before moving to Massachusetts and becoming an instructional designer and technical writer.  When Marie retired, she was thrilled to be able to pursue a long-time dream of becoming a dog walker. She and her husband are the proud parents of 8 dogs- Ralfie, Lil’ Duke, PB, Bean, Stan & Ollie, and Simone & Henri. Simone and Henri are Sato alums of our very own Rock n’ Rescue! Marie also has 4 cats Stu, Boots, Timmy and Simon, who keep them on their toes at all times!

**Rockin’ Fun Fact:  As a baby, Marie’s first word was “Mike” – the name of the family dog.**