Members of The Band

Nancy Surette, dog walker and sitter

Walker/Sitter Nancy Surette is a resident of Stoneham, where she can often be seen walking her two dogs Sam and April, both adopted from a shelter. Oh, and she also has three cats, also adopted! After spending the past 13 years in a customer service oriented environment, Nancy decided to follow a different path ā€” and what could be better than working with dogs? Nancy is a caring and compassionate person, who realizes that all dogs are unique individuals and treats them with the love, patience and kindness that they all deserve. Nancy is very grateful and very happy to be part of the Bark n’ Roll team!

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Nancy saw The Doors in concert at the Boston Arena in 1970 and rushed the stage. She got a nice spot up front, where she caught one of Jim Morrison’s Budweiser cans. Sadly she only kept it a few years. What a rock n’ roll memory!**