Members of The Band

Daycare and Boarding Attendant Ramy Elbach grew up in Massachusetts in Essex County. Ever since he was a kid he has been fascinated by animals and grew up watching shows on Animal Planet and National Geographic, learning as much as he could. He also had many small pets growing up such as lizards, fish, and even a chicken named BeBe. He now has an adorable cat named Sesame and a leopard gecko named Snowy. Ramy graduated from Salem State University with a BS in Environmental Science and expects to graduate with an Associate’s degree from North Shore Community College as an Animal Care Specialist in 2024. His love of animals and nature extend to his love of gardening and walking around nature reserves.

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Ramy always is up for jamming to Queen and David Bowie and his long term goal is to one day work at an animal sanctuary.**