Members of The Band

Director of Band n’ Biz Development, Marketing and PR Sarah Castine has been an animal lover all her life. Growing up in North Reading, she belonged to the local 4-H club, where she learned to ride and care for horses, as well as becoming a junior canine handler. She went on to show Norwegian Elkhounds at 4-H and AKC dog shows. As an adult, Sarah continues to pursue her passion for animals. She has worked in the field for the past six years, supervising doggie daycare, attending to boarding dogs, assisting in training and performing basic grooming. Sarah has volunteered for Great Dog Rescue Of New England as a foster mom to dogs looking for a forever home. However, her home has proven to be her three foster dogs’ forever home! Sarah is honored to participate in the care of a very important member of your family!

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Sarah knows all the words to “Informer” By Snow and her favorite song is “Woman” by John Lennon. Bonus Fact: Sarah’s college major was music journalism, as she wanted to write for the NME in London.**