Members of The Band

Certified Trainer Tori Burgos, ABCDT, started volunteering as a teenager at the MSPCA and  soon knew that working with animals was what she wanted as not only a career, but also passion. Tori had been a part of the Bark n’ Roll team for a few years as a daycare attendant and training assistant, where she started to learn about training and behavior and it opened up a whole new world! Tori decided to go to college and got into an AVMA veterinary technology program. She graduated with an associates degree as an animal care specialist and veterinary technology degree. After graduating, she passed the VTNE becoming a certified veterinary technician. She also had opportunities to become certified in canine and feline first aid and CPR, fear free handling and positive reinforcement training, continued educational seminars in managing dog-to-dog interaction, understanding canine behavior, obedience training, understanding the human animal bond, and more. With a hunger for knowledge, she enrolled in Animal Behavior College, completed the certificate dog program and became an AKC CGC Evaluator!  Tori is in the process of achieving her veterinary technician specialty in canine behavior as well as working on taking the exam for my CPTD-KA. She’s so excited to have returned to Bark n’ Roll doing what she loves! Go Tori Go!

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Tori trains with one of her own dogs in competition obedience, agility and rally- and has achieved AKC titles in all three categories!**