Members of The Band

Tracy Ottina, trainer and AKC evaluator

Trainer/AKC Evaluator Tracy Ottina has been with Bark n’ Roll since nearly the beginning. Tracy uses the positive reinforcement model of training to help you and your furry family member feel safe, secure and loved. Tracy recognizes that each dog has his/her own personality and, as such, modifies her approach accordingly. You can trust that Tracy will not overwhelm your little shy guy and she will redirect the enthusiasm of your rambunctious puppy in positive (and playful) directions. Tracy loves all animals and especially enjoys the challenge of working with canines that have reactive behaviors; whether it is based on over enthusiasm, separation anxiety, or fear, this particular group of misunderstood dogs have captured her heart.

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Tracy used to design pool cues. Bonus Fact: Tracy won an award from the Academy of Arts & Sciences for Animation, under 18. It was an international competition for the 1984 Olympics in LA. Talented lady!**