Members of The Band

Daycare & Boarding Attendant & Certified Trainer Tyler Edmonds, ABCDT, comes to us from Gloucester, where he was born and raised. He graduated from Rockport High School before studying Criminal Justice at Lasell College. Through his studies and learnings, he realized he wanted to take his professional career in a different direction towards helping animals. He started his journey with Animal Behavioral College’s Dog Obedience Program and working for Petco, where he was a Dog Trainer. Tyler is an animal lover and has been around dogs since he was born. His first family dog was a cocker spaniel named Reggie, who passed away after 12 wonderful years. After the grieving his loss, his family got another cocker spaniel named Lola, who a year later was introduced to her beagle brother Lyndon. Lola and Lyndon loved each other until his passing in December of 2018. Tyler also adopted two leopard geckos, Tine and Nare, during his time at Petco. With his passion for animals, Tyler looks forward to loving on and working with your pups!

**Rockin’ Fun Fact: Tyler is a lover of most things nerdy and his favorite D&D class is Druid because, you may have guessed it, animals!**