Our COVID-19 Virus Safety Protocols

In order to do our part to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in our community, we are implementing the following safety protocols, effective immediately.


In accordance with CDC guidelines as well as local and state regulations, face masks are required for unvaccinated clients when interacting with our staff or entering the building. Vaccinated clients are not required to wear a mask. We will not ask your vaccine status, but assume this policy is being followed. 

Daycare & Boarding Pick Up and Drop Off

As much as we love seeing everyone in the lobby, ​curbside service will continue on until further notice​ ​to maintain social distancing. 

When you arrive for drop off or pick up, please ring the doorbell and return to your car. Our doorbell will be sanitized multiple times during the day, a bottle of sanitizer will also be available outside for client use, should you want to sanitize it yourself.

​​A staff member will come directly to your car with a Bark n’ Roll leash, to leash up and escort your dog into the building. We ask that you keep your leash in your vehicle. We will not be taking in leashes or other non-essential personal items during this time as another layer of protection. Our staff members will be wearing sanitary gloves to keep everyone as safe as possible.

​As long as the weather is warm enough, we will also have our window open from 4:00-7:00pm  so you can walk up and let us know who you are picking up and browse our retail selection while you wait for your pup. ​

Social Distancing

We are fortunate enough to have a large enough space in our facility to continue to practice social distancing even in our training class setting. Students will be placed a minimum of 6 feet apart from each other at all times. 

Our staff continues to practice social distancing, even in our daily team meetings, during which we sit 10 feet apart from each other. Our instructors also encourage all students to head outside of our building with their pup for a mask break if needing to remove facial covering/mask at any time during the one-hour class duration, continuing to practice social distancing when outside if other students are present.

Reduced Training Class Sizes

At this time, we are limiting class attendees to two persons per dog. The rest of the family is welcome to watch the session via Zoom at home.

We will continue to offer virtual training sessions via Zoom​ for those who would prefer that to the in home or in person training sessions. 


Disinfection of our facility, doors, latches, gates and tools will increase in frequency and always occur before and after pickup/drop off times. In addition to hand washing throughout the day, our staff will​ wear gloves when bringing your dog in or out of our building. 

Boarding Belongings

​Boarding dog belongings, food and medications should be limited to essentials and be well labeled. During this period w​e are trying to minimize the number of personal belongings we bring into the build​ing​, so just the necessities are fine! We do provide bedding, bowls, and toys. We are not liable for any lost or damaged items that you bring for your dog.

We also offer add-ons such as our Rock Star Treatment package and others. For more info, see our Overnight Boarding page.

​​Facility Tours

​We are currently not offering tours to protect our staff, and not disrupt the dogs in our care including our boarders. We have a video tour and plenty of images of our facility on social media! ​

Walking & Tour Bus Transportation

We have taken the following precautions for our walking and sitting clients: All walkers/drivers will ring doorbells and/or knock prior to entering in case someone is home to limit exposure. If a client is home, we ask that they leash/harness up their pup and hand off to the walker/driver to limit exposure.

We are truly grateful to our clients who are sticking with us and want to reassure you that your safety and health is extremely important to us. If there are any additional measures you would like us to take (entering your home differently from normal, disinfecting with your own products, etc), just let us know via the portal. We are more than happy to take extra steps to ensure you and your family’s well being


​Staff: We require our staff to self quarantine at the first sign of illness and require a negative COVID test to return to work. Our staff members take their temperature upon entry into the building as well as halfway through their shift. If a staff member were to contract COVID-19 we would follow the necessary state mandated guidelines prior to resuming normal business. 

​​Clients:​ ​If you or a member of your household becomes ill, please include your dog in your quarantine. In an abundance of caution, we will not accept dogs who live in households with active COVID-19 illness. They are welcome to join us as soon as all the humans are in the clear.