At BnR your dog’s day with us will be truly unique. He or she will have a structured schedule that includes regular rotations of exercise, play, training and enrichment time, fresh air, outdoor potty time, and rest and relaxation breaks all under 100% supervision of a BnR Band Leader. Your dog will hang with bandmates grouped appropriately taking age, size and energy level into account. If your dog needs a meal it is our pleasure to serve at no extra charge. Your dog’s safety and enjoyment is our top focus.

Our General daycare program is currently running a waitlist. Please add yourself to our waitlist!

However, the Teeny Boppers Day Program for puppies is open for enrollment (no waitlist). For more information on this program, please use the contact form.

Current clients can sign into your Time to Pet Portal account (or use the app) to request services, request a change to scheduled services or send us a message.

Band Tryout Daycare Evaluation

4 Hour Minimum

Think your dog has what it takes to be a star? Come in for a tryout and let your star shine!

$45 — per dog

Daycare/Boarding evaluations are FULL day. Drop-Off is between 7-9am and Pick-up is between 4-6pm. Every pup is given a fair shot and every opportunity to succeed. We guarantee a minimum 4 hour college try. If after 4 hours your pup is still not doing well, we will call for immediate pick-up. As we schedule all evaluations with the hope that a dog will pass we schedule for the full day so the full fee will apply even in the case that the dog does not pass.

Once a dog attends a Band Tryout evaluation day he or she is requited to attend our daycare and/or boarding program a minimum of twice a month or he or she may need to be re-evaluated for future services. If a dog lapses for six months in between program attendance the dog will be required to have an additional Band Tryout at the full cost to ensure that he or she is still a good fit for our program and vice versa.

Jam Session Daycare

Full Day

Are you ready to ROCK?! Includes a structured day of exercise, training, enrichment, rest and FUN.

$45 — per dog

$40 — each additional dog of the same household

Teeny Boppers Day Program Daycare

For puppies ages 8 weeks & up

Our Teeny Boppers program sets your pup up for social success from day one! With our support, your best friend’s life with you will start off with positive motivation to learn social expectations that lead to building solid lifelong social manners. We offer socialization practice, impulse control work, crate training help, introduction to basic cues, potty training support and more to prep your puppy’s big debut into our group social and enrichment program as well as our boarding program.

Each puppy is unique and will be worked with one on one and in a group setting with other puppies of similar age to build positive associations and relationships with each other and our team. Your involvement and commitment to connecting with us and providing consistency at home is critical to your little one’s success in our program.

We have Puppy Program sessions running weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays OR Wednesdays and Fridays. Days are not interchangeable. Puppy Program is $60 per day, billed monthly at the beginning of the month. The cost per session applies regardless of attendance due to limited space in the program.

Tour Bus Transportation

Ride n’ Roll

Rock Stars always make an entrance. Your pup will be arriving in style on the BnR Tour Bus! Pick-ups provided between 7:00 — 9:00 am / Drop-off provided between 3:00— 7:00 pm.

$25— Roundtrip

$15 — One-Way (pick-up or drop-off)

Our Tour Bus service is not offered on major holidays unless discussed directly with our Scheduling Manager. Tour Bus rates are slightly higher on Saturdays and Sundays.

Munchies Extras

Room Service

Add some comfort to make your pup’s stay that much more luxurious. Choose from a frozen peanut butter Kong or an Honest Kitchen brand fruit & veggie Kong for a mid-day snack!

We are excited to introduce this second frozen Kong option for your pup’s enjoyment. Honest Kitchen Fruit and Veggie mix boasts human grade real food to help refuel your pup at lunch time! Click here to read the ingredients!

We use Teddy all-natural peanut butter (no sugar added).

Snack Packs

We offer our gourmet bakery cookies in facility! All treats are 100% meat free (great for pups with allergies!) Each treat is made with only the best human-grade ingredients. Only suitable for dogs who are truly loved and spoiled rotten. They look and smell so good it almost makes you want to take a bite yourself ( we’ll admit it, we did 🙊).

$5 — per Kong

$5 - per Snack Pack Cookie

Rockin’ Solo Private Training Session ~ Monday - Friday

Could your pup benefit from some one-on-one training time with a BnR Team Member to brush up on obedience cues or practice walking politely on leash? Give your bud some mental exercise time and receive a discounted private session at BnR to cover all that your pup has learned so you can continue practice at home!

$30 — 30 minutes of private training time during a Daycare or Boarding stay

$125 — for a 1 hour review session at BnR (Dog Parent & Dog)

Doggie Zen Time Extras

Life can be ruff!

Treat your dog to a relaxing, one-on-one massage session with a BnR Team Member. Massage can aid in circulation, mobility, prevent joint stiffness, ease anxiety and stretch muscles after rigorous play.

$30 – 30 minute minimum

Vets ROCK! Thank you

As part of our Vets ROCK! Program all daycare and boarding services are offered with a 10% discount for Military Veterans. We thank you for your service and your sacrifice.