In-Home Walking & Sitting Contract

in-home contract

  • For the purposes of this document, the terms client, owner, pet owner, and customer are synonymous with the person contracting Bark n’ Roll ‘s services for one or more domestic animals.

    • A service request must be provided to Bark n’ Roll before service will be provided for any period. You must receive a reply from us confirming your  booking before it is to be considered booked.
    • There will be a $25 service charge for each returned check.
    • Cancellation Charge Schedule 24 hours prior to any service: Payment in full is charged (no refunds). Also, reservations are made to plan sitter availability to clients. Therefore, clients returning home early may be required to pay for the reserved amount of time scheduled. Clients will not  have to pay for scheduled special services not performed.
    • In order to respect the designated time off of our Operations Manager/individual in charge of scheduling, all requests for Monday services need to be received by the Friday before by 7:00 pm. A last minute booking fee of $5 will be applied to requests received for Monday services after this time.
    • Cancellations sent to us for Monday services later than 7:00 pm on the Friday before will be considered Late Cancellations  and will incur the total fee of the service.
    • A late fee of $25 will be applied to a client’s account to any payments received later than 14 days after the invoice date. An additional fee of $25 will be applied to each additional week that a payment is overdue.
    • Should optional services such as plant watering be requested by Client, Bark n’ Roll shall not be responsible for wilted, dead or otherwise unhealthy plants. Bark n’ Roll shall make reasonable efforts to follow your  written directions as precisely as possible, but shall not be responsible if  the results are not favorable. Please place all indoor plants together on a waterproof surface in plain sight, as Bark n’ Roll is not responsible for water damaged areas or missed plants.
    • Bark n’ Roll is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the control of the Pet Sitter. This includes, but is not limited to leaks, electrical problems, and acts of nature. In these situations, Bark n’ Roll will attempt to contact the client and then the emergency contact before  making a subjective decision on dealing with the problem. All repairs and related fees (including special service emergency service time and coordination fees) will be paid by the client, or fully reimbursed to Bark n’ Roll within 14 days.
    • Bark n’ Roll is not responsible for any damage to property of the client or others unless such damage is caused by the grossly negligent act of a Bark n’ Roll team member. Bark n’ Roll agrees to remain fully insured, including optional Special Property Endorsement (protects against theft, breakage, etc as caused by an employee) or bonding. Bark n’ Roll accepts no responsibility for security of the premises or loss if other individuals have access to a client’s home, or if the home is not properly secured.
    • Clients shall advise Bark n’ Roll in advance if they anticipate the access to the premises by any other individuals during Client’s absence.
    • Bark n’ Roll is not liable for any loss or damage in the event a  burglary or other crime that should occur while under this contract. Pet Owner agrees to secure home prior to leaving the premises. Bark n’ Roll will re-secure the home to the best of its ability and according to the written  instructions given by the client at the end of each visit. While keys are in the possession of a Bark n’ Roll team member, they will be either on the team member’s physical person, or be properly stored in an undisclosed location.
    • Pet Owner must have legal rights to place the animals in the care of pet sitters, kennels, and veterinary clinics. Bark n’ Roll cannot service a home with “visiting” pets or animals that do not belong to the resident of the service site without separate sets of agreement forms, including a Disclosures and Liability Release Agreement, accepted and signed by each legal pet owner(s).
    • The terms of this Agreement shall apply to all the pets owned by the client, including any and all new pets that the customer obtains on or after the execution of this Agreement and, at any and all locations the owner designates for service..
    • Pet Owner is responsible for pet-proofing house and yard, including but not limited to security fences/gates/latches. Bark n’ Roll will not be responsible for the safety of any pets and will not be liable for the injury, disappearance, death, or fines of any pet allowed unsupervised access to  the outdoors.
    • Bark n’ Roll is authorized to seek any emergency veterinarian assistance needed during visits, at the cost of the client, from the  veterinarian on record. In the event that vet is not accessible Bark n’ Roll reserves the right to seek care from a vet of its choice. However, at no time  is Bark n’ Roll responsible for the health/well being of the animal.
    • Pet Owner is responsible for supplying the necessary, safe equipment/supplies needed for care of their pet(s). Bark n’ Roll follows the animal handling philosophy of LIMA (least invasive minimally aversive) and will not participate in the use of electronic collars, prong collars, pinch and slip collars, and/or any other equipment that provides positive punishment corrections to the animal(s) in our care.
        Approved Equipment:
          -Front/back clip harnesses
            -Flat buckle collars
              -Fabric leashes
                  Unapproved Equipment:
                    -Choke/chain collars
                      -Prong collars
                        -E collars
                            -Slip leads as the only method of leashing- as an additional point of contact they are ok!
                              Pet Owners must also supply vaccination tags, a lead rope or leash, pooper-scoopers, pet waste bags, cleaning supplies, medicines, and pet food/treats. Pet Owner does hereby specifically authorize any purchases made by Bark n’ Roll  which Bark n’ Roll deem necessary for the satisfactory performance of its  duties. Pet Owner agrees to be responsible for the payment of such items, as well as service fees for obtaining items, and will reimburse Bark n’ Roll  within 14 days for all purchases made.
                            • Pet Owner will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to a Bark n’ Roll team member, or other persons or  pets, by the Pet. Customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend  Bark n’ Roll or any Bark n’ Roll agent, employee, invitee or licensee, in the event of a claim by any person, entity or pet injured by the Pet.
                            • Bark n’ Roll strongly suggests that arrangements be made with someone to evacuate your pets in case of a disaster or weather related event/crisis/”Code Red”. Bark n’ Roll will try to see to your pets safety/care should such events occur, but cannot guarantee it.
                            • Customer agrees to make arrangements for snow and ice removal of drive and walk-ways, to provide clear and easy access of the home to Bark n’ Roll team member.
                            • Bark n’ Roll is a team-oriented business and may train a walker/sitter to care for  your dog(s) as well as assign any walker on the team to care for your dog(s) at any time the need should arise.
                            • Future Services: I, the client and pet owner, authorize this contract to be valid approval for services so as to permit Bark n’ Roll to accept all future telephone, online, mail or email reservations and enter my home  without additional signed contracts or written authorizations.
                            • Bark n’ Roll reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, if the Bark n’ Roll team member, in his/her sole discretion, determines that Owner’s pet poses a danger to the health or safety of itself, other pets, other people, or the Bark n’ Roll team member. If concerns prohibit Bark  n’ Roll from caring for the pet, the Owner authorizes the pet to be placed in a kennel (or previously arranged locale), with all charges (including but not limited to transportation, kenneling, tranquilizing, treating, accessing, and liability) to be the responsibility of the Owner.
                            • Bark n’ Roll agrees to provide services stated in this agreement in a reasonably reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of the services as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives, releases and relinquishes any and all claims against Bark n’ Roll and its  employees, invitees, licensees, except those arising from gross negligence.
                            • Client agrees to notify Bark n’ Roll of any concerns within 24 hours of the provision of services.
                            • This agreement is valid from the date signed, and replaces any prior agreements. Client agrees to any future Bark n’ Roll term changes relayed  verbally to the client, mailed or emailed in writing to the client, or posted on our website’s Services & Rates page.

                            The owner states that he/she as read this agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions. This is a legally binding agreement. If not understood, client should contact an attorney.