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The Transformation of Lucy

Lucy, the rehabilitated rescue dog

We don’t know how we would have managed Lucy’s behavior without Francine and Tracy’s guidance.

Bark n’ Roll was indispensable in helping us to rehabilitate our rescue dog, Lucy, and we recommend their services without reservation.

When we first brought Lucy home, we were entirely overwhelmed and despaired of how to manage her behaviors. We were out of our depth and unsure how to proceed to handle this sweet but wild dog. Due to an uncertain but certainly unstable past, Lucy was extremely anxious, and that anxiety manifested itself in pulling and tearing our clothing while we wore it, attempting to jump our fence to get at the dog on the other side, barking and jumping towards other dogs while on leash, and a constant state of overstimulation and frenetic activity. We even wondered if we would be forced to rehome her due to our inability to manage her problematic behaviors, a prospect that caused us no end of guilt and anxiety on our own part.

Fortunately, we called Francine at Bark n’ Roll, who supported us in developing a plan to manage Lucy’s behaviors through positive incentive training and providing a stable environment and regular routine. We enrolled Lucy in Bark n’ Roll’s Grrr-owly Dogs class, which helped us to manage her reactivity while on leash. Tracy came to our home for a few in-home training sessions. Lucy enjoyed the company while we soaked up Tracy’s knowledge and expertise. Francine encouraged us to email her with regular updates about Lucy’s behavior. Francine would reply to each email with guidance, encouragement, and concrete, helpful suggestions for how to manage Lucy’s behaviors. We joked that Francine felt like our therapist during that time!

We don’t know how we would have managed Lucy’s behavior without Francine and Tracy’s guidance. Lucy remains a sweet dog to this day, but what is more — thanks in large part to Bark n’ Roll, Lucy transformed from an anxious dog in unfamiliar surroundings into a well-loved and -adjusted “member of the family.” Our extended family has remarked in wonder on the transformation.

We have also availed ourselves of BnR’s Kids n’ Canines class and of their dog-walking and dog-sitting services. We recommend them highly, and cannot thank them enough for the support they have provided to Lucy and to our family, all with great kindness, understanding, and professionalism.

Anne and Ryan, Reading