BnR Fans

We are the parents of two very quirky sisters from Indiana who are full of energy and exuberance. We needed some help to get them to stop pulling on the lead and to be a little less crazy when they encountered other dogs. When we first met Francine she was very encouraging that with time and patience these behaviors could be changed. We began a course in basic obedience and also had her come to the house twice a week to take the girls for a walk.

Since working with Francine, we have noticed many positive changes in the dogs’ behavior as a whole. As for our original goals, pulling on the lead is a distant memory. In the off chance one or both pull, we now have cues to remind them and they come right back to loose leash walking. Socialization is ongoing, but we have made huge strides and even have a few “friends” that we can walk with in peace and harmony!

Francine is extremely knowledgeable in animal behavior. She is kind and enthusiastic with the dogs and infinitely patient with her human clients (a must for us!). Francine understands the dogs’ behaviors and has specific cues to use for each. After every training session she sends us a copy of the cues we learned, which is so helpful to have for reference and reminders.

After each walk Francine emails a report even if the walk wasn’t always perfect. With humor and positive suggestions she will honestly relate the events of the day.

Francine has been so flexible with scheduling our walks and training sessions. She is extremely reliable and trustworthy. She is not deterred by cold, rain, floods or the unexpected … which could greet her at any time here. She is wonderful and we are very fortunate to have Francine in our lives.

Cathie and Jim, North Reading