BnR Fans

When my sister got a new job in Washington DC, she realized she would need help taking care of her 1 year old puppy, Rufus. Part Jack Russell and part Pug, Rufus is a bundle of energy and attitude and adorable. While my parents and I were thrilled to dog-sit for a few months, we all work full time, and have absolutely no idea how to care for and train a puppy. We quickly realized we needed some advice and help. Luckily, Facebook serendipitously led me to Bark n’ Roll and Francine DiChiara. Not only did Francine agree to go out of her usual radius to trek to Stoneham to take Rufus on walks, she also arranged play dates with other dogs, and planned private training sessions to help us create rules and structure for Rufus. Bark n’ Roll has helped us so much! The play-dates not only allowed Rufus to get (some of) his boundless energy out, but it also provided the little pup with an opportunity to socialize—which he just loves! And while we still haven’t finished the complete training regiment, we have seen excellent progress is Rufus’ behavior and understanding of the house rules. Francine’s suggestions have also empowered us to take a more active role in Rufus’s development and act as dog owners and authorities — not just temporary babysitters. In the past five months, Rufus has gone from a house guest to a member of our family — thanks in large part to Francine and Bark n’ Roll. Rufus has to return home to my sister soon, and frankly, we are dreading the day. We are trying to “negotiate” for “joint custody”. If and when Rufus gets to return to Stoneham, I am thrilled and relieved that Bark n’ Roll will be there to help us.

Danielle, Stoneham