BnR Fans

We have a dog named Macy. She is a female Cockapoo, 13 pounds. We consider her a family member, and take her with us everywhere. However, sometimes we cannot bring her with us. We have had Francine watch Macy for us several times…from as short as 2 nights, to as long as 16 nights. We consider ourselves SO very lucky to have someone like Francine to watch our little “fur baby” while we are away. We never worry…we know that Francine will take great care of her. Macy has special dietary needs, and Francine has always followed our instructions closely to insure that Macy stays healthy. She also sends us text messages and emails pictures, so that we may get updates on her activities and get to see Macy enjoying herself. We don’t know what we would do without Francine – we most likely would not go away!).

Jill, Needham