BnR Fans

Hi Amy,


Thank you so much for coming to meet myself and the two dogs the other day. I appreciated your patience as you observed them in their everyday routine! I read your evaluation and I think the plan you laid out is wonderful. I have already started rewarding Scooter when he calms down during commotion and have noticed he calms down sooner with the treats! Also, both myself and my parents have started to give him treats when attempting to move him and we have noticed his growling isn’t as intense. We still have a long way to go, but it is great to already see some areas of small improvement over the course of a few days! I am interested in some of the essential oils and the games that you linked and will circle back with you probably next week once I determine which ones I want to purchase. I think he can definitely use some of them, especially when meeting new people and for crate time at night to keep him calm.


Thank you so much again for this plan! For now, I think my parents and I will work on seeing how well we can accomplish these goals. If we hit any roadblocks, I will reach back out and see if we can schedule another session.


Thanks again!


Jacquie, Wilmington