BnR Fans

When I was away for 5 days, I entrusted Francine with my Husky, Rocco, for the QT sitting service several times each day and she did not disappoint. Rocco is a special needs dog. He is blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other. She was attentive to his needs, likes and dislikes. She even spent time with him prior to my trip so she could get to know Rocco. While doing so, she took detailed notes on his required daily medication and asked questions to be sure she understood correctly. I was also pleasantly surprised when she emailed me while I was away to keep me updated. After seeing how well she worked with Rocco and how patient she was with his needs, I asked Francine to start walking him on a regular basis. I highly recommend Francine as she is an excellent find and shows true compassion for all of the pets she works with!

Shannon, North Reading